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At Lutz and Company, we work for your benefit
•    The key to a successful promotion is strategy. That’s why we ask all our clients: Where are you now, and where do you want to be in the next year? Then we take your answers, apply our marketing know-how, and come up with a custom-designed promotions package that helps you meet your goals.

We’re not about customer service. We’re about your success.
Here’s what we can do:
•    Deliver quality products on-time, to your specifications.
•    Guarantee responsive customer care.

But here’s what we want to do:
Partner with you to create unique promotions that
•    Inspire your workforce,
•    Engage your customers,
•    Drive awareness and
•    Generate sales.



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The Art of Promotions
Steve Lutz, owner of Lutz and Company, blends beauty and business into promos that work

Every summer, from the time he was 22 until he earned his Fine Arts degree at age 27, Steve Lutz set sail as a deckhand with the Merchant Marines. He’d work 100 days straight, returning to shore one day ahead of his first day in class.

As an exchange student in high school, and then again as a young man, Lutz traveled to Europe. Living abroad inspired within him a love of art, and the belief that art can be blended into business.

“How Europeans market themselves is more than just the product they are selling. They’d use these beautiful marquees to embellish their businesses, blending sculpture and words, color and texture, to sell themselves,” he says.

It’s a fusion he never forgot.

In 1980 Lutz founded Fabric Art. One division helped small and large companies source and imprint corporate apparel and promotions. A second division specialized in placing fine art designs on apparel.

It was Lutz’s talent as an entrepreneur, his ability to balance the soft-side of art with the hard realities of manufacturing, that led to his success: Eventually the second division accounted for more than 90% of Fabric Art’s revenue. In addition to creating and printing exclusive designs for Disney, he sold to Nordstrom, May Company, Neiman Marcus, and dozens of other resorts, boutiques, and gift stores.

When Lutz sold the company in 1996, he had done more than $20 million in wholesale. His experience here prepared him for his next business venture: Lutz and Company.

The focus of Lutz and Company is different. Now Lutz helps clients strategize effective promotion campaigns that deliver results. Clients get the benefit of his 30 years experience, plus his strategic approach to marketing. Having started his own company – and nurtured it to maturity – Lutz understands the unique challenges faced by companies at both ends of the spectrum.

He also knows what makes an effective campaign and has amassed the resources to make it happen. “Promotions are not just about products anymore,” he says. “It can be a jacket, but it can also be an intangible, equally valuable experience that’s delivered online. Lutz and Company is not limited to choosing only what a manufacturer offers – we have access to online resources. This gives us almost unlimited potential to develop a promotions strategy uniquely suited to our client.”

And that’s where Lutz’s artistic nature excels.

“My lifelong interest and passion for art infuses everything I do – it’s my filter. I use my sense of color and balance, form and function, to help my clients choose the best tools for any given promotion.

“The goal of a promotion is to help a company attract business for itself. How that company promotes itself is a direct reflection on the company itself: It’s part of their branding, how they are perceived by customers and competitors. Ultimately, art is a big part of that process. Choose quality art and products, and people will want to be affiliated with you,” he explains.

In addition to his ability to blend strategy and art into campaigns that work, there is another advantage of working with Lutz: “We partner with the best companies, the best in each category – including Carhartt, Nike, Adidas, 3M, Uniball, and Zippo. We also work with idea technologies and unique internet solutions, like Webdecoder Web Promotions, SCA Security Insurance Promotions, TrafficTicket Direct Mail Campaigns, The Award Zone Rewards system, Collect and Win Game Promotions and many more creative and exclusive promotions. This means we’re able to offer the most innovative promotions solutions.”



Ted A. "Bump" Davies, Jr.

•       31 year sales promotion veteran
•       $100 million in team and individual billings
•       Won 7 industry awards
•       Sold 1000 programs
•       Sales Manager for 8 years with six offices and half of the sales people were million producers or better
•       Agency Owner for the last 10 years
•       Agency website www.paradigmpartners-inc.com
•       Promotion Expertise: Incentives, Direct Mail, Sales Training, Trade Show Marketing, Promotional Products, Premiums, Consumer- End User Trial and Loyalty Programs, Company Store Programs, Safety Programs, Years of Service, Employee Motivation and much more


Susan Rich

Susan Rich is a copywriter/editor, author and public speaker. As the owner of RichWriting, she is the invisible voice behind sales letters, website copy, ghost blogs, and media scripts. With a journalism degree and more than 20 years experience in print, PR, and marketing, Susan has published more than 2,000 articles, that’s about 1 million words in print.

Creator of the Write it Rich! series, Susan teaches corporate sales and marketing teams how to write copy that snags attention and drives sales.




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Awards and Associations


  • PPAI
  • Connect PDX
  • SAGE




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Lutz and Company specializes in:

•    Sales Performance Programs
•    Referral Marketing Programs
•    Product Promotions
•    Retail or Website Traffic Promotions
•    Loyalty Programs
•    Social Media Promotions
•    Employee Recognition and Safety
•    Mobile Promotions
•    Trade Show Promotions
•    Website/Internet Promotions
•    In-On-Near Pack Promotions
•    Sweepstakes and Game Promotions
•    Character Marketing Promotions
•    Full Service Sales promotion Agency
•    Creative Development
•    Copy Writing
•    Graphics Design
•    Legal
•    Print Production
•    ROI Analysis
•    Promotional Products / Apparel
•    Awards, Trips and Premiums
•    Fulfillment
•    Administration
•    Measurement / Tracking 

Client Industries include (partial list): 

•    Healthcare
•    Non-profits
•    Education
•    Hospitality
•    Radio & TV
•    Manufacturing
•    Distribution
•    Construction
•    Consumer Package Goods
•    Retail
•    Banks/Financial Services